About Riaan's Hydraulic Shop

Business Area Covered: Centurion, Pretoria, Roslyn, Midrand and Olifantsfontein. 

Cell: +27 81 529 4363

Tel: + 27 12 940 2300

Email:    Email: admin@rhydraulics.co.za  riaan@rhydraulics.co.za  

Website: www.rhydraulics.co.za  

Company registration number: 2015/379382/07 

1. Background 

a. Company History 

20 years’ experience mounts between the partners of Riaan’s Hydra Shop. With the technical sales experience in place, we believe that RHS is certainly a company that can be trusted with your current and future demands for industrial demands, safe in the knowledge that when you need us we will be ready to support you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.  

We introduce a modern, uniform identity and a global branding initiative.     


b. What we do; 

RHS full product compliments are in use every day in a wide variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refining, Power Generation, Steel & Aluminium Plants, Paper Mills, Sugar Refineries, Railways, Mining, Construction, Ship Building & Ship Repair, Aerospace, Defence, Heavy Engineering and the many thousands of industrial service companies supporting these market sectors.  

2. Strategy & Vision 

a. Vision statement  

RHS strive to provide our valued colleagues and customers with superior service. 

RHS will strive to empower our colleagues and customers through knowledge and determination. 

RHS main focus is towards customer satisfaction which includes: 

Professional conduct and friendly service. 

Safety and products of high quality. 

Always building longstanding partnerships. 

  b. Mission statement  

Superior Service + Market Knowledge = Quality and Safety 

c. Values 

1. Safety. We owe it to our employees and customers to ensure their safety and therefore instil a culture of safety within the company. 2. Integrity. Always be honest, truthful and loyal to yourself, RHS and the customer.


3. Uncompromising customer service. Always act in the best interest of the customer, whether internal or external. 4. Longstanding customer relationships. Always deliver what you promise and more, to your internal and external customers. 5. Passion for our brands. Make it your business to learn about our brands, only then can you become passionate about them. 6. Professionalism. Conduct yourself professionally at all times. RHS is a great company and that should reflect in your attitude towards your work. 7. Effective communication. Talk to each other, talk to your clients, answer enqueries fast and efficiently, make sure you understand and that others understand you. 8. Winning through teamwork. Make a positive contribution to your team, respect and support your fellow team members, take team meetings seriously. 

d. Business goals & objectives 

1.1 Provide the information and tools to maximize RHS competitiveness and expansion to all the industries, workers, and consumers. 1.2 Enhance economic growth for all partnerships within organizations. 1.3 Advance responsible economic growth and trade while protecting RHS security. 1.4 Enhance the supply of key products and services to support effective decision making of businesses, and the industrial consumers. Activities  Collect, analyse, and disseminate demographic and economic data to serve ourselves and consumers decision makers at all levels.  Provide leadership in promoting, marketing, after sales and servicing the trade industry.  Provide knowledge and technical assistance for development of projects in the industry.  Support the South African industry and technology base.  Develop tools and capabilities that improve productivity, quality and efficiency.  Advance in the global e-commerce and enhanced telecommunications, information services and social network.              



RHS has established a management integration goal, applicable with equal importance to all Employees and Management. 

Just as the first three goals are in line with the forces that will drive RHS future, the management integration goal is in line with the driving trend towards more effective organizational management.


Our progress in pursuit of these five-year goals may be assessed in annual increments through the use of specific performance goals and measures established for each objective. RHS Annual Performance Plan describes in greater detail the performance goals that we employ to achieve our strategic goals and objectives, and includes our analysis of the capital, information, and other resources that we will require to meet these goals. Fulfilment of RHS mission and supporting strategic goals is accomplished through its service.  

3. Products & Services 

a. Products 


b. Services RHS service department is geared to offer customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, responding to call outs in an average time of 4 hours. 

The team of technicians working for RHS across the board is coordinated by the centralised Call Centre, situated at the office in Centurion, where the most qualified technical sales representative for the customer’s requirements will respond via cell phone as soon as a call is logged. 

c. Quality policies All the products that we market are of extremely high quality. The detail of all their ISO ratings can be found on their respected product classes.      

4. Management & Ownership 

a. Directors Mariska Venter   

b. BEE  BBBEE Status - Level 4 

5. Portfolio 

Oil & Gas Petrochemical & Refining  Power Generation  Steel & Aluminium Plants  Paper Mills  Sugar Refineries  Railways  Mining  Construction  Ship Building & Ship Repair Aerospace Defence Heavy Engineering    

Thank you for taking the time to read our company profile. If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. Riaan De Beer 076 645 5185